Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Music Panel with Color

This color is not concrete so feel free to make suggestions or make changes, but i tried to stick to the same palette as Sarah's piece since they are portraying the same environment/theater.


Jake Dwyer said...

The drummer on the left is supposed to have her right knee in front of the drum in her lap; drawing error with the pen tool. I know you all would have noticed it, too.

Nicole Vanche (Toki) said...

I like this alot! i vote for it lol

Anonymous said...

Excellent colours... i'm really interested in the warm tones for sure.. make more if you have the time!

cheeze_fries said...

i love the floor's brownish umber tones, i think this is just awesome. all colors together and all makes me feel happy, its very warm and inviting. good work dwyer.
-ashley fancy pants